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Product Description

- Overall ventilation mode, applicable for adult & child
- 12.1? high definition color TFT screen
- World famous variable aperture differential pressure flow sensor, precise tidal volume control
- Intellectual flow sensor calibration system realizes dynamic tidal volume compensation
- Perfect respiratory mechanics respiratory efficiency monitoring and alarm function
- Electronic PEEP
- Integrated circle breathing system with an internal overpressure release valve, safe, low air resistance and available for high temperature and high pressure sterilization
- Vaporizer with sensitive compensation for flow, temperature & pressure, precise and stable output, 250ml fill quantity
- 5-tube precise flowmeter, automatic alarm and cut off upon insufficient oxygen supply
- Optional AGSS connect port completely collects various waste gases, ensuring no pollution of the operation environment
- Large capacity & maintenance-free battery with continuous power supply for more than 8 hours
- Flexible software upgrading and optional configuration satisfies diversified demand

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