Steinberg Nuendo 4.3 | 2.28 GB

Nuendo 4 is an advanced audio and post production system. Delivering a next-generation audio production environment for audio post, studio production and live recording, Nuendo 4 empowers audio professionals by elevating creativity and productivity to new heights. Technologically advanced yet extraordinarily intuitive and fully customizable, Nuendo 4 offers streamlined, precision tools that save time and boost creativity for audio professionals in today?s media, recording and film industries. Nuendo 4 provides scaleable, cross-platform systems that integrate easily and fully with premiere components by industry-leading plug-in and hardware manufacturers. Steinberg technologies provide unprecedented power, flexibility and speed, accelerating recording, mixing, editing and sound design workflows to an unprecedented level.


* * State-of-the-art digital audio production environment
* *Crystal-clear 32-bit audio engine with full surround throughout
* * Faster, more efficient workflow with dedicated tools, options and features
* * Complete set of next-generation VST3 surround effect plug-ins
* * Utilizes best available audio and computer hardware and plug-ins, including Advanced Integration of Steinberg and Yamaha hardware
* * Advanced new automation system for full control
* * Powerful Control Room integrates into any monitoring setup
* * Innovative Network Collaboration for multi-seat projects via LAN or WAN
* * Full project exchange with other leading audio and video editing systems
* * Cross platform for latest Windows and Macintosh operating systems

Nuendo Expansion Kit ? Cubase Music Tools for Nuendo

The Nuendo Expansion Kit (NEK) is an optional add-on package for Nuendo 4. NEK contains special features for music composition that are not part of Nuendo 4, a dedicated production environment for post production. studio production and live recording. NEK extends Nuendo 4 functionality by adding full notation features, a Drum Editor for MIDI drums and four VST instruments.

* * Professional Notation and printing
* * MusicXML import and export
* * Drum Editor for MIDI drum parts
* * Four additional VST instruments: HALion One, Prologue, Spector and Mystic
* * VST Sound Collection Vol. I
* * Advanced compatibility with Cubase 4 projects