CuBase AI v. (Win/Mac) | 1.69GB

Cubase AI4 is a special, compact version of Steinberg?s famed music production system that is exclusive to customers of selected Yamaha audio hardware. Cubase AI4 harnesses the power of the Steinberg Cubase 4 digital audio workstation for use with Yamaha ?USB? mixers, providing a powerful set of advanced software tolls that are easy to use while significantly expanding the mixers? recording and production capabilities.

*Note* This has both Window?s and Mac installation and is an original CD iso
The ?AI? in Cubase AI4 stands for Advanced Integration, and this new software delivers sophisticated functions and a level of hardware/software integration that other programs can?t match. Thanks to the built-in Studio Connections system, Cubase AI4 lets you use compatible hardware instruments (such as Yamaha?s Motif XS synthesizer) directly and seamlessly within your computer-based environment. The full Plug-and-Play support means that settings for connected hardware such as driver selection, input and output routing setup as well as remote configuration are all completely automated.

* * Cubase 4 audio engine
* * 48 audio tracks and up to 64 MIDI tracks
* * HALion One software sample player with selected Motif sounds
* * Plug&Play VST/MIDI setup with Yamaha products such as Motif XS Music Production Synthesizer and n-series Digital Mixing Studio
* * Studio Connections ?Recall? as well as special product-specific functions for perfect software-hardware integration
* * 25 VST effects, including 15 VST3 plug-ins
* * 20 MIDI styles and 480 drum loops included

Cubase 4 sound engine

At the heart of Cubase AI4 is the same high-quality audio engine used in the top-of-the-line Cubase 4 system. Record and mix your tracks with professional quality 32- bit/96kHz resolution, and enjoy the clearest, most accurate and most pristine digital sound throughout the entire signal chain.
SoundFrame? ? Universal Sound Management

SoundFrame is a new powerful system built into Cubase AI4 that manages all of your sounds, samples, presets and loops in one centralized database. It puts all of your music materials in one easy-to-access, easy-trganize location, and makes recording and song creation more efficient than ever before. SoundFrame?when used with the included HALion ONE software sampler (see below)?can help you easily and quickly find any sound, not only by instrument but also by category, type, style, character or other attributes. You can even instantly preview sounds before loading. SoundFrame also allows you to manage your VST effects plug-in presets, organizing and categorizing them to form one big effects library.

Includes HALion ONE software sampler

Cubase AI4 comes loaded with the powerful HALion ONE software sampler. This sample playback plug-in perfectly integrates with the sequencer and is optimized for use with the SoundFrame features. It features more than 150 brand-new ready-to-play sounds using high-quality samples from Yamaha?s renowned MOTIF series instruments?covering acoustic and electronic instruments, as well as synth timbres and drums.

Extensive editing features

Cubase AI4 gives you a number of sophisticated, useful tools for controlling and rearranging your recordings. You can use the main Project window to record and do basic cut-and-paste work on your tracks, and use the other editing windows for more detailed changes. The Sample Editor, for example, lets you easily manipulate your audio recordings. For MIDI recordings, there are a variety of options?the Key Editor (in piano roll form), the Drum Editor (with convenient event and drum mapping indications), the Score Editor (for notation based editing), and the detailed List Editor (showing all MIDI events).
Comprehensive plug-in effects

Other important Cubase AI4 features include a comprehensive set of VST3 plug-ins, including 15 new and dynamic effect types. Use them to process your recorded tracks within your computer?without the need for external processors.
Wide variety of sample loops included

A sample set of 480 different drum and rhythm loops has been included, as well as 20 types of MIDI Style files (for backing tracks) so that you can get started making quality music right out of the box.
Special Integration Features with Yamaha products

Cubase AI4 is included in the Yamaha Motif XS Music Production Synthesizer, n-series Digital Mixing Studios, MG-USB mixers and MW mixers.
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To Install: Mount or burn iso image with a program such as PowerISO, and then execute. Serial provided.